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The wiring and electrical assembly capabilities at Pathfinder Manufacturing are conducted with the same intensive safety and high-quality standards that define our reputation in the industry. Our production facilities are capable of completing a range of operations including UV Laser Cut and Code, specialty assembly in coax and quadrax, custom box builds, kitting, soldering, and custom cable and wire harness assembly. Pathfinder’s extensive specialized tooling abilities mean that we can provide our clients with a one-stop-shop for a range of assemblies at a competitive price.

Using our CAPRIS and CAPRIS Nova products, our shop is capable of laser marking a wide variety of wire gauges and types while meeting numerous key international and OEM Process standards including:

CAPRIS Products

CAPRIS products:


SAE AS5649 – Wire and Cable Marking Process, UV Laser


ASD EN4650 – Wire and Cable Marking Process, UV Laser


SAE ARP5607 Rev A – Legibility of Print on Aerospace Wires and Cables


ASD EN3475 Part 706: Aerospace series cables, electrical, aircraft use – laser markability


ASD EN3838


FAR 25 – Permanent, Non-Aggressive Wire Identification


Airbus AIPS


Boeing BAC 5152


Sikorsky Aircraft to SS7333

CAPRIS Nova Products

CAPRIS and Nova product:

Each CAPRIS and CAPRIS Nova product is CE marked and complies with all relevant BS/EN and FDA regulations and standards. Coupled with a CAPRIS Contrast Measurement System, our business partners have the confidence that the production process meets essential safety standards and Pathfinder’s intensive quality assurance program.
Pathfinder’s wire and electrical assembly capabilities are prepared for a wide array of needs in the aerospace, space, automotive, marine, defense, energy, agriculture, and medical fields. Our standards of operational excellence ensure that every order is completed with our unmatched quality and efficiency, guaranteeing your product will be delivered on time and free of issues.

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