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CNC Machining

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Community Advocacy.

We believe in serving our community and have implemented a number of corporate social responsibility and workplace initiatives dedicated to bettering the world around us.

Uplifting our youth.

Our student learning program exists to serve youth challenged by disabilities and socioeconomic disadvantages and provide them with vocational training in a manufacturing setting, as well as assistance with job placement, additional apprenticeships, and/or college applications (depending on the students’ post-secondary goals). Our student learning and job placement program is designed to promote three primary outcomes:

Youth Development

  • Instill in our students a sense of accomplishment and self-esteem.
  • Help students develop work ethic and valuable interpersonal skills.

Vocational Training

  • Teach students technical skills that will make them an asset to future employers.
  • Set students up for independence and financial stability, giving them a sense of hope.


  • Help students at risk of dropping out to stay in school and earn their high school diploma.
  • Encourage students toward further educational exploration and study
We are dedicated to doing our part in reducing the industrial pollution of our environment. Since 2016, we have operated under a robust pollution prevention plan that ensures that all hazardous waste is safely and properly disposed of in accordance with industry best practices and Department of Ecology standards. Through implementing this program, we have reduced our hazardous waste removal from 6 barrels per month to just 8 barrels per year.

We are deeply committed to ensuring the health and safety of our team and student learners. Since 2013, we have been certified through The Washington Department of Labor and Industries’ Safety Through Achieving Recognition Together (START) program and conduct daily inspections of all workstations and equipment. Our Safety Committee conducts monthly staff safety training and completes monthly site audits. Team members are cross-trained and we emphasize the importance of our safety culture. Our Safety Bucks incentive program rewards team members for their commitment to workplace safety.

Through our Ergonomics Program, we strive to reduce workplace injuries through creating workstations designed to lessen poor posture, force, contact and vibrational stress, and dangerous lifting and repetition. Our Hearing Loss Prevention Program is designed to protect employees from the effects of exposure to excessive noise and comply with the WISHA Hearing Loss Prevention Rule (Noise) WAC 296-817.

We are partnered with Approach Management Systems (AMS), an industry leader in worker’s compensation management and retrospective rating plans administration. Due to the success of our safety program, we are able to keep our worker’s compensation insurance rates low. In December 2019, Pathfinder received the AMS Lowest Loss Ratio award, demonstrating the fewest injuries of all the companies in our risk management pool, with zero serious injuries or lost time.<