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The Cause.

We are dedicated to building brighter futures.

Pathfinder students in machining shop

Pathfinder Manufacturing helps at-risk youth unlock their potential through our vocational student learning program.


To operate as a “Work Force Development Center” that promotes the personal growth and economic independence ‎of high school students and adults living with disabilities and/or employment barriers by providing training programs and ‎employment opportunities.


To ensure that all youth who have disabilities and are at-risk in the Puget Sound region to graduate from high school with the skills and confidence to succeed in life.

Pathfinder Manufacturing (formerly known as Work Force Development Center) is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded with the goal of providing vulnerable high school students at risk for dropping out with the opportunity to gain the critical knowledge and confidence necessary for success as they enter the workforce.

Through our long-running Pathfinder Student Learning Program, student learners benefit from hands-on training as they work alongside our talented team to earn the skills and experience that will help them excel in the manufacturing industry. Once accepted into the program, students undergo 4-6 weeks of intensive classroom learning, followed by individualized mentoring and specialized skill development for the duration of the school year.

During their time in the program, our students gain valuable on-the-job experience in producing high-quality parts and electronic assemblies for commercial and governmental applications in the aerospace, space, defense, automotive, marine, energy, agriculture, and medical industries, from processing raw materials to performing assessments for quality control. 

Our goal is to not only provide students with the necessary technical skills for a promising future, but to instill a familiarity with traditional work environments and help them develop solid work habits and ethics. Our students graduate from the program with the experience and technical qualifications necessary to secure rewarding employment. Simply stated, Pathfinder Manufacturing provides security and stability to young people with limited options.

We currently work with 35+ partner schools throughout the North Puget Sound region and admit approximately 100 students to our student learning program each year.