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Sheet Metal Fabrication

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CNC Machining

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From space to sea, we help our partners break new ground.

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We build value-driven manufacturing partnerships across a wide range of industries.


Based in Everett, Washington, Pathfinder Manufacturing provides top-tier mechanical and electrical assembly, CNC machining, and more to our business partners in the aerospace, space, defense, automotive, marine, energy, agriculture, and medical industries worldwide — without forgetting the highly personal touch that has helped us build and maintain strong customer relationships since 1991. Whether producing single parts or overseeing elaborate turn-key assembly, we pair our cutting-edge technical expertise with 24/7 customer service, ensuring that our customers always feel heard and understood.


Precision machining for the aerospace industry presents particular challenges, as materials and parts must meet rigorous industry standards when it comes to design, fabrication, assembly, and quality, and perform under extreme conditions. As a respected and experienced aerospace supplier, we understand the specifications and quality inspections required and strive to exceed our customers’ expectations at every turn. Our dedication to providing the highest level of service to our aerospace business partners is reflected by our membership in the Boeing Premier Bidder Program.


As with the aerospace industry, manufacturing for the space sector requires strict adherence to the highest quality standards and measurements. Pathfinder has a proven track record of exceeding customer expectations in the aerospace industry, and we proudly carry this dedication to quality into our work with our partners in the space sector. From ground support equipment to satellites, our manufacturing and prototyping teams are ready to help humanity take new and exciting steps into low orbit and beyond.


Manufacturing for the automotive industry requires strict adherence to safety and quality standards, as well as the mastery of a complex supply chain involving a range of speciality materials. We’ve built robust partnerships with reliable Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers, eliminating costly supply chain lags and ensuring that parts and materials perform to the highest industrial standards. We work closely with customers during the design phase to accommodate all prototype requirements. Our Just-in-Time delivery system ensures that parts are delivered on an as-needed basis, keeping our customers’ assembly lines running smoothly and efficiently.


From outboard motors to inboard engines, interior consoles to external panels, all parts, adhesives, and sealants manufactured for the marine industry must be able to perform to the highest standards under often harsh environmental conditions. Our partners in the marine industry rely on us to provide them with parts and materials built to last, whether for use in recreational, shipping, or military sectors.


We provide American-made, built-to-specification materials, components, and equipment to the Department of Defense. We are proud to play a role in supporting our national security and furthering manufacturing innovation in the military sector.


When it comes to parts manufactured for the energy industry, longevity, performance, and mechanical and electrical integrity are key concerns. Our robust quality assurance process, guaranteed quality ratings, and 100% outbound inspection ensure that each part meets these exacting standards. We understand the needs of our energy customers and provide the efficient, on-time service that keeps this vital industry humming. From oil to gas to solar, we are proud to help our business partners in the energy sector power the nation from coast to coast.


In addition to our state-of-the-art machining capabilities, our UV laser marking capabilities and comprehensive saw shop allow us to produce precision-made agricultural equipment built for durability. From vehicle parts to electromechanical assemblies for system control, our agricultural partners enjoy cost-effective solutions shipped directly to their facility.


We provide machining and fabrication services for the medical and dental industries. We operate with zero tolerance for error and maintain a manufacturing environment that is free of debris, ensuring that each finished product meets industry standards, from surgical instruments to medical device components.

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