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Pathfinder Manufacturing’s meticulous assembly process takes your drawings from concept to completion and final delivery of a high-quality, reliable product. Our 30 years of experience, expansive equipment capabilities, and variable workspaces allow our team to fulfill our customers’ needs regardless of order size or frequency. We pride ourselves on consistently producing the exact product you need, when you need it.

The assembly process begins with a collaborative assessment of our business partners’ specifications to ensure product conformity. First Article inspection is conducted before any drilling or deburring, and prior to final assembly operations. Components are sealed/bonded according to the customer’s specifications, including the proper disposal of any waste material. Our customers have the confidence that the longevity of their product is guaranteed with minimal waste impact.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance:

Mission critical reviews are consistently performed by our Quality Assurance teams throughout assembly, providing unparalleled accuracy and attention to detail. Our machine shop has extensive experience working with a suite of fine processes including riveting and ​​drilling/deburring close tolerance holes from 0”-.004”. All of our technicians adhere to a strict checklist and verification procedure before conducting any phase of assembly. Pathfinder’s Foreign Object Debris program aligns with rigorous FAA regulations, granting our customers the assurance that every component or complete turnkey assembly is safe and ready-to-use.

The facilities at Pathfinder allow for the applications of numerous finishes, paint coatings, and textures. Whether the product specifications call for lacquer, latex, enamel, or epoxy, Pathfinder has the painting booths and expertise to get the job done.

Quality Standards

Quality standards:

Pathfinder Manufacturing’s quality standards go above and beyond the industry standard. Every product undergoes a final 100% inspection on top of our already meticulous in-process reviews. Our Quality Assurance teams and technicians will ensure that no product falls short of a client’s specifications. Your assemblies will be done right — every time.



BAC5117 Type I


BAC5117 Type II-2;II-3; II-4


BAC5117 Type III-6; III-7; III-8


BAC5117 Type VI-13


Seal and Adhesives BAC5000, BAC5010, BAC5030


Prepack Applications


Body Fillet/ Fastener/ Injection Applications


Faying Applications


Smoothing and Fairing


Sealing of Integral Fuel Tank Structure

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